Mice or Mouses?

mice or mouses

Mice or Mouses?

Why is this important to you? Regardless, in this informative article, I will attempt to shed light on the age old question. I don’t know why this is a big issue, but it is. Let’s dig right in. Is it mice or mouses?


When the computer pointer was named “mouse”, the world decided to get confused for some reason. The cursor was named due to its physical traits somewhat resembling a mouse. The cable represented the tail, and the body of the mouse represented, well, the body. Since the computer mouse was named after the animal, I don’t know why in the world, anyone thought to change the plural form to mouses. But someone did, and it stuck. Why would a new definition change a word’s grammar rules? Only in English.

mice or mouses
Look at all those buffalos! (Guess the misspelled word.)

I will admit that in several dictionaries, the plural form of computer mouse can be both mice OR mouses. But what do dictionaries know? The fact is, there is seriously no reason that “mouses” should exist. It doesn’t make any sense! Imagine if there were computer deers. Imagine computer breads. Computer sheeps! It just sounds goofy. I am so worked up over this. This is a mockery of the King’s English that we should all speak. Absolutely disgraceful.

In conclusion…

I have a gigantic migraine headache behind my left eye now.


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