Apple Magic Mouse 2 Review

apple magic mouse 2 review

Apple Magic Mouse 2 Review — 1/10

So I am a few years late to this party but I still wanted to weigh in. Back in 2015 Apple released the Magic 2 devices. Most of these were well received, but there have been some conflicting accounts regarding the Magic Mouse 2. As for me, I saw it and it looked good, so I took it home. And without further ado: here’s my Apple Magic Mouse 2 review.


  • It’s pretty
  • Left handed


  • Painful to use
  • Non-ergonomic shape
  • Poor performance
  • Bad controls
  • No PC support

Now I’m not a Windows fanboy. And I do enjoy some of Apple’s stuff. In fact I love iPhones. So trust me when I say that this mouse is a joke.

And just for anyone wondering, I used it on Mac and Windows and it sucked on both. Alright! Let’s get in to the Apple Magic Mouse review!

apple magic mouse 2 review
The back sports the classic Apple logo.

First Impressions

As with most Apple products, the upgrade and innovation from the Magic Mouse 1 is minimal. A rechargeable battery was added but that’s about it. Opening up the packaging was fun, as it is with all Apple products. And it comes with a nice Lightning to USB cable included, but that’s just about where the “magic” stopped.


The second I put my hand on the Magic Mouse 2, I knew where the money went. The looks. This mouse, while beautiful, is flat. At a mere 0.85 inches tall, this mouse is not designed for comfort. Maybe the people who work at apple don’t have hands. This is beyond awkward to hold.

Due to its thin and low shape, you have no support for your hand at all. You have to keep your hand elevated at all times. And for all you palm grip users, sorry you don’t get to rest your hand either. You need your hand off the top of the mouse in order to use basic functions like scrolling. I’m getting ahead of myself here talking about scrolling. Let’s get back to the shape.

Left Handed?

YES! One of the few graces this mouse offers is a perfectly symmetrical shape. Occasionally it will get flipped around and you’ll start using it upside down. But besides that, you can even switch which side the click is on. It’s a shame more companies don’t do this.


The Magic Mouse 2 weighs in at just around 100 grams, which normally, I’d be excited about. I tend to like heavy mice. But not this time. And to top it off, there is no option to change the weight. Starting out I liked this because it felt solid and premium, but the more I used it, it just ended up being fatiguing. It literally weighs you down.

apple magic mouse 2 review
The mouse has no respect for the human hand.


The feet are pretty smooth to start out but they get gunked up easily. Dust, dirt, and dead skin all ruin the mouse’s sliding abilities fairly quickly. This coupled with the weight made using the Magic Mouse 2 a pain.


Before I even start, let me warn you that several people online have cut themselves on the metal edges of the Magic Mouse 2. It didn’t happen to me but it could happen to you.

The sides of this mouse are small. Thanks to the hyper thin shape of the mouse, the sides are tiny. It’s very difficult to pick it up and lift it quickly. And on top of that, the sides slope inward very drastically. It’s so drastic that I sometimes end up scooping up the mouse into my hand rather than just lift it.

All of this coupled with the heavy weight, makes it miserable to use. This leads me to my most important point.


Now usually I don’t want to scare anyone off on my reviews, but if you’re thinking about buying this mouse, I encourage you to seriously reconsider. The Apple Magic Mouse 2 WILL hurt your hand. It happened to me, and it did it to everyone I know who has tried it. This is bad. The mouse requires an unnatural shape for your hand to sit in for long periods of time. And the sluggish feet and heavy weight make it painful to move.

Straining muscles in your hand for extended periods of time will hurt you in the long run. And the Magic Mouse 2 requires it. I used this thing for a week and my hand still doesn’t feel right. Remember that our hands are one of the greatest gifts evolution gave us. Don’t take them for granted.

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Build Quality

The build quality is solid enough, and the rechargeable battery really make it feel like one piece. But there have been quality control issues across the board with this thing. Buyer beware.

apple magic mouse 2 review
It’s pretty, but that’s about all it is.


One of the only good things about the Magic Mouse 2 is the looks. It’s definitely an Apple product. The minimalist style looks great. The white gloss is shiny without being tacky and the grey steel is sleek.

But that only stays that way fresh out the box. The gloss, much like the feet, attract gunk like no other. And if your fingers are oily, you can rub off some of the steel finish after a long time of use. So the only thing this mouse really had going for it is somewhat ruined after about a month of use.


Left and Right Click

When I started playing around with the Magic Mouse 2 before I hooked it up, I liked the click. It’s not the best, but it is satisfying enough. But that’s just the physical click. There is a whole other dimension to clicking on this mouse.

First up, right clicking on recent Apple mice has been garbage. If you click to the right of the mouse with two fingers, it will do a right click. But that puts your hand in an awkward position. So I always elect to just use one finger and click on the right side. Of course this only works about 75% of the time. Too often you’ll find yourself doing normal clicks. Or even doing right clicks when you just wanted to click.

One more thing I found frustrating. There is no force push. This is a feature that Apple was showing off with all the other Magic 2 products. The new trackpads have it. iPhones have it. Why not the mouse? That’s some thrown away potential right there.

Again, I must warn you that there have been several quality control issues from Apple regarding the inconsistent buttons on the mouse. Sticky or hard to press clicks are a common problem for the Magic Mouse 2.


One of the good things about the mouse is the side scrolling feature. The 360° scrolling is a great boon to productivity. And I didn’t think I’d like the momentum that keeps the scroll going, but I do. For browsing, this is some nice scrolling.

But wait a minute, that’s too positive. Here comes Magic Mouse 2 to screw things up. While the scrolling is great if you’re trying to use it, it is horribly annoying when you accidentally hit it trying to do a gesture, or just holding the mouse in a way that Apple apparently didn’t intend.

apple magic mouse 2 review
The front of the mouse is touch controlled.


The Magic Mouse 2 also has a plethora of gestures.

  • Double finger side swipe – This can easily switch between applications. This is actually fairly useful.
  • Control + scroll – This will zoom in on the screen.
  • Double tap two fingers – This will bring up Mission Control, It’s moderately helpful, but its kinda unnatural.
  • Left to right swipe – This allows you to swipe between pages. But this is just way too much like scrolling. I hit it on accident so many times while just horizontally scrolling.
  • Double tap – This will zoom the page, but because it’s much less precise than control + scroll, I’m not sure why they even included this. It’s utterly mind boggling.

Most of these are implemented poorly so I turned off as many as I could and just stuck to pointing and clicking. They’re all pretty gimmicky and not very natural to memorize and use frequently.

The biggest problem with these is that they’re all tapping or swiping on the top of the mouse. They’re all very specific and if you do it wrong, you’ll hit the wrong button. Some people have said that it’s not that bad if you just slow down. But that’s the problem. It has to be too precise for it to even be productive. You cannot use this mouse quickly.


Some people are really particular about the audible feedback from their mice. And the mouse performs well here. It’s not a loud click by any means, but it does have a nice feel to it.

apple magic mouse 2 review
Why did they put the charger on the bottom?



Before I really get into this, I think we all know that the sensor is kinda mediocre. It’s an Apple mouse. It’s more of a fashion statement than anything. That being said, it is a laser sensor so it can track on pretty much anything, including glass. There’s no real jitter problems (unless you gunk up the bottom of the mouse), but you can get it to spin out badly. But the biggest problem here is that mouse acceleration is HARD WIRED into Macs. I tried to turn it off, but to no avail.

More: What is Mouse Spin Out?


The rechargeable battery was the biggest change from the Magic Mouse 1 and for the most part I do believe it was a good upgrade. The battery here is quite good. On a single charge it will last for a month and it charges relatively quickly. The only thing wrong with it is where the charging port is.

On the bottom.

You cannot use the mouse while charging. And even though it does last a long time, if you need it quick, you’re out of luck. You’re going to be standing there with your mouse upside-down on your desk; useless. I’d rather mess around with batteries. The worst part is that they probably did this so it’d look better for marketing purposes. This aggravates me.


Well first off, it’s Mac only. Why. And on top of that, you have to be using an operating system newer than OS X El Capitan. If you don’t, it just won’t work. I understand they did this because many of the features are specific to the El Capitan OS, but they could’ve made it just behave normally on Windows or an older Mac OS. Even though OS X El Capitan isn’t cutting edge anymore, it’s far from old. It was released in 2015. That’s just anti-consumer. Making a peripheral unusable under certain circumstances is ridiculous.

Secondly, I did get it working on Windows, thanks to nerds online. But it was so finicky, I decided to do the full review on Mac. The options Mac gives you to customize the mouse aren’t very extensive. You can turn on and off the terrible gesture controls, change the sensitivity, and change some scrolling options. But that’s about it. As I stated before, there is no way to turn off mouse acceleration, and while i didn’t notice any angle snapping, there is no way to turn it on. That’s just one more option taken away.

Now, I usually don’t get too high and mighty about PC or anything but the reason I like PC is because of all the options it offers. This is the opposite of that. Turn some stuff on, turn some stuff off. That’s it. There are no options here.

Final Review


Who is the Apple Magic Mouse 2 good for?

When I review a mouse, I usually put it in one of three categories: gaming, productivity, and cheap.

  • Gaming mice have the best hardware and are usually chocked full of options.
  • Productivity mice have extra buttons and options for getting work done. (And by this point in time, most gaming mice can be labeled as productivity mice as well because of all the options they give you.)
  • Cheap mice. Good cheap mice. Like the sturdy, but inexpensive Logitech M310 I had for over 4 years without any complaints.

The Apple Magic Mouse 2 is none of these things. It lacks the professional hardware of gaming mice, it lacks the extra options of productivity mice, and it’s expensive. Which brings me to my final nail…er- I mean point.

For $80 this mouse is a joke. The best i can say is that it’s a pretty paperweight. Don’t buy this mouse.

If you have any questions or you just want to yell at me because my opinion is wrong, leave a comment and like us on Facebook!

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