Corsair M65 Pro RGB Gaming Mouse Review

Corsair M65 Pro RGB review

Corsair M65 Pro RGB Gaming Mouse Review — 10/10

I’m against brand loyalty. It’s absolutely insane to honor a company by buying their products without looking at others. Even if a company makes good products, you can never let them think that you’ll buy it simply because they made it. That being said, I have to admit that Corsair makes great products. In fact, this is the first 10/10 I’ve ever given. And I was truly astounded during my M65 Pro RGB Review… BUT! No mouse is perfect. So let’s get going. We have a lot of ground to cover.


  • Comfortable
  • New optical sensor from the last M65
  • Looks great
  • Perfect performance
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Incredible options and customization


  • No left handed version

While the M65 Pro RGB is almost the same as the M65 RGB before it, and the M65 before that, it does bring a new sensor to the table and builds on the original design rather than replacing it.

Corsair M65 Pro RGB review rear view
This thing is made completely of metal!

First Impressions

Fresh out the box, I got my hands on this beautiful piece of craftsmanship. The first thing I noticed was the amazing rubberized body. Not to be cliche, but when I gripped the mouse, it really gripped back! It looks nice and feels like professional gear. And, the anti-slip surface draws you closer to the action.


The M65 Pro RGB uses a shape based on comfort and usability used by all previous iterations. For example, though designed with the contour of the human hand in mind, it doesn’t force anyone’s fingers into narrow crevices. Your hand is free to roam about the mouse. The height and width are fairly standard which really allows the M65 Pro RGB to compliment any hand size or grip style.

The M65 Pro RGB is also ergonomic. The friendly shape keeps your hand in a natural position, and helps you avoid any repetitive strain injuries.

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Corsair M65 Pro RGB review front view
The buttons are tilted to make the mouse more ergonomic and comfortable.

Left Handed?

Sadly, this incredible mouse design is not offered in a left handed alternative. Maybe in the future, Corsair and other companies will awaken from their decade-long slumber and start manufacturing left handed mice. But until then, the only real downside to this mouse is the lack of a left handed version.


The sides were a real treat for me. Starting with the left side for your thumb, the side is concave, leaving an empty space for your thumb to rest. I love this design choice, because it really helps you get a good grasp of the mouse with your thumb. The rough texture on the inside of the curve also helps with lifting. You can tell that whoever designed the M65 knew a lot about the human hand.

The M65 Pro RGB’s right side is rounded and convex. Normally, I don’t really like sides that stick out, but the rough texture of the sides helps with lifting on this side too. I get why people like to touch their fingers to the mouse pad, and I like having a concave place to put them. Regardless of this, the mouse actually made me consider changing my mind on this subject. It works with my hand and not against it to achieve a real sense of control.


Corsair M65 Pro RGB review weights
The removable weights

Here’s where things start getting interesting. Weighing in at 115 grams, the M65 Pro RGB is a nice weight for gaming. But if you prefer a heavier mouse, you can always up the the weight to 136 grams. The adjustable weight system Corsair provides is incredibly innovative and smart. You can adjust the weight by screwing in and unscrewing the three weights on the bottom of the mouse.

Placed strategically around the center of the mouse, the weights can be mixed and matched. Not only can you find the weight that best compliments your use, but you also find the balance that suits you. Do you want the weight toward the back or the front? Left or right? It’s all up to you.

Now with the lowest weight being 115 grams, you wouldn’t be wrong in saying that the M65 Pro RGB is a heavy gaming mouse. And you’d be right. Normally, 115 grams is a bit too much for gaming mice. I, myself prefer heavier mice, so this is a welcome number. But there is a good number of people that have been disappointed with this mouse’s weight. The only way to find out if it works for you is to try it out for yourself. Unlike some mice that just feel overly clunky due to their weight, it gives the M65 Pro a unique feeling of professional design. I love this feature.

That being said, I do wish that Corsair started around 95 grams and built the mouse up from there.

The concave sides offer great grip.

Build Quality

Although it may just be a marketing term, most of the M65 Pro RGB is crafted from aircraft grade aluminum. This not only attributes to the weight of the mouse, but also makes it one of the sturdiest mice I’ve ever used in my life. The whole body is rigid and shows no signs of give even when squeezing the sides like no gamer would ever do.

When shaking, no sound escaped the mouse. Even when placing the mouse down after lifting it, no sound comes from the mouse. The insides are just as firm as the metal frame. It’s no joke. This mouse is a brick.


Corsair M65 Pro RGB review back view
The shape lends itself to small and large hands.

On the bottom of the mouse, the M65 Pro RGB sports 5 large feet. I’ve always noticed that mice with bigger feet usually stay smoother longer than mice with others. They definitely provide the kind of glide that I’m always looking for from good gaming mice. And these things don’t seem like they’ll wear out any time soon either.

One thing I wholeheartedly commend Corsair for is their innovation. The easy gliding the feet provide really balances out the heavy weight brought on by the sturdy metal design. Something I doubt was coincidental.


The M65 Pro RGB comes with a 1.8 meter braided cable attached to the mouse. Although this sturdy design will last longer than a regular rubber cord, it is a bit rigid. Now, after about a month, it should stop being so stiff, but it is something to consider when buying. Aside from that little drawback, it is very smooth and won’t get caught on your desk setup very easily at all.

Now the flame war between braided cables and non braided cables always storms on, but in my opinion, the drag apparently caused by some braided cables is too insignificant to really affect the quality of the overall product.

One thing to note is that the cable is attached to the mouse permanently to the left of the mouse. This asymmetrical design choice does look cool, but it could pose a problem for all my OCD brothers out there. It’s easy to get used to, but switching mice regularly might throw you off a bit. Just something to keep in mind.

Corsair M65 Pro RGB review picture
Stylish and powerful


As well as being absolutely user friendly, Corsair took the M65 Pro RGB to new heights with the design. The mouse is a beautiful matte black that protects against fingerprints. The sleek ergonomic design also makes the mouse look aerodynamic. But luckily, it lacks the obnoxious (and uncomfortable) angles that some mice sport. The best way to describe the design is that it’s tasteful. Like with a car, if you need decals and little details everywhere, it probably doesn’t look very good anyway. Corsair lets the M65 Pro RGB’s shape speak for itself.

Due to extreme fan outcry, the old sails logo returns with a new revamp. Now the logos are professional and subtle. No more tramp stamp swords like on the last M65, the M65 RGB.

Corsair M65 Pro RGB review old logo tramp stamp swords
The old logo.

But, if you want to get an M65 RGB with the widely criticized logo, you can always find them online here. I’d email whoever is selling beforehand though, just to make sure you’re getting what you want. Corsair only ran the swords logo for a short time.

The only have one complaint dealing with the M65 Pro RGB’s looks. I am not a fan of the big red sniper button. I just wish it wasn’t red. It throws the stealthy black design off in my opinion.

RGB Lighting

Corsair M65 Pro RGB review application rgb lighting
16.8 million colors to choose from.

Corsair does it again. RGB is in style and Corsair knows it. The lighting on the mouse is just awesome. There are two customizable zones: one on the front that shines in between the buttons and onto the surface in front, and one in the back that lights up the logo and area behind the mouse.

Not only does light shine from the mouse, but light shines out of the mouse and onto other surfaces as well. This feature is really something. It looks good and sets the M65 Pro RGB apart from other RGB mice. It also keeps the light shining even when you’re covering it up with your hand. The logo sits directly under your palm but the light also spreads out behind the mouse.

Sticking with the common theme of customization, you can set the two RGB color zones to patterns and fades using the 16.8 million colors RGB lighting provides. You can also sync the mouse with other corsair products to bring your whole battlestation together.

Corsair M65 Pro RGB review white
White finish

White Finish

Although I’m focusing this M65 Pro RGB review on the black variant, there is a white one too. The white M65 Pro RGB has a glossy top instead of a matte, rubber one. Even though the matte on my version protects against fingerprints, white gloss doesn’t leave fingerprints nearly as visible as black gloss. Other than the white top, it’s the exact same as the black model.


Corsair M65 Pro RGB review top view
The clicks are perfect I tell you.

Left and Right Click

As we move towards the less superficial features, the M65 Pro RGB does not let down. Rated at 20 million clicks, the high-capacity Omron switches atop the M65 Pro RGB are the first sign that the hype isn’t only smoke and mirrors. Corsair truly spared no expense on this mouse.

The clicks are fast as can be and the feedback is crisp, dry, and strong. The resistance on the buttons is responsive and keeps you from any accidental clicking. The clicks are never mushy, and the experience is just so much fun.

But there is something to note. One thing I’d love to see form Corsair next time around on the M65 is separate mouse keys from the body. This can put stress on the body of the mouse, and over time can affect the performance of the clicks. It’s a small thing, but quality is something Corsair doesn’t let slip by most of the time.

Scroll Wheel

Covered in rubber, the scroll wheel is easy to grip and use. Corsair have seemed to master the balance between smoothness and accuracy. When scrolling slowly, the extremely accented notches help me keep track of what I’m doing. And when quickly scrolling, the wheel smoothly rolls over the notches. Some scroll wheels are so vague I completely lose track of the notches. This isn’t a problem at all with this mouse. The notches are accurate, clicky, and never miss a scroll.

The middle mouse button is not too hard to press in but also provides the satisfying weight and click the other buttons do. There’s very little travel distance, and keeps gameplay fast. Although not the most amazing feeling in the world, the quality is clearly there.

Top DPI Buttons

The DPI buttons on the top of the M65 Pro RGB make life easy to say the least. The design of the buttons really couldn’t have been better in my opinion. The flat buttons and their subdued clicks feel great. The travel distance is incredibly short, and gets the job done fast and accurately.

They are fairly close to the scroll wheel though. Their shape makes it hard to do, but they could be accidentally hit while quickly scrolling. It’s the only drawback though.

Corsair M65 Pro RGB review left side
The sniper button is a bit awkwardly placed, but easy to overcome.

Forward and Back Buttons

These buttons are somewhat weak. By no means are they deal breakers, but in comparison with the rest of the mouse, they feel a bit cheap. They have a problem regarding too much travel distance. Even though the click is satisfying and strong, the travel distance to get there is a bit of a bummer. Though while actually using the mouse, it never bothered me unless I was thinking about it.

The positioning of the buttons made up for the travel distance though. I honestly cannot think of a better place for those buttons to be placed on the mouse. They’re just above where I’d expect anyone to rest their thumb. Pressing them caused no strain or stretch.

A few times in intense games, my hand would shift a bit forward, making me reach back a bit to press the buttons, but never did that make me lose control.

Side DPI “Sniper” Button

Although, I’m not a huge fan of how it looks, this button really proved a great addition to the M65 Pro RGB. I tried the button mapped to the default DPI shift, and to a quick melee button, and in both instances, the button helped me play better. Having an extra button on the side like that doesn’t feel like a gimmick either. It genuinely helped my score.

The strongest point of the button is its almost perfect positioning. Why almost? I will warn you that for some people, the button rests right underneath their thumb and gets accidentally pressed when lifting. For me and most others I’ve seen use this mouse, it’s a great location. It just waits right next to your thumb for a command.

The click itself on the side button is super satisfying. It feels very springy to me. But in a good way. It reacts to the press in a way that allows for quick represses. It’s quick and easy to press just like every other button on the mouse.


The clicks on this mouse are all fairly average. But the scroll wheel is near  completely silent. If you really like loud clicks, this mouse might not be for you. It’s not entirely silent, but it isn’t very loud at all.

I play with headphones so it really isn’t about clicks at all. Its about the feel and performance of the mouse. But I know there are those gear heads that need loud audible feedback.


Corsair M65 Pro RGB review bottom
Underneath all the metal, it’s got a PMW3360 driving the thing.

Moving on to the inside of the mouse, we find the beating heart. Made by the ever-amazing Pixart, the 12,000 DPI PMW3360 optical sensor resides in the belly of the mouse. This being the only performance difference between the M65 RGB and the M65 Pro RGB, replacing a laser sensor with a DPI of 8200.

The PMW3360 is basically a modified version of the Logitech exclusive, the PMW3366, which has been considered the greatest sensor in the world by many gamers. Once Logitech lost exclusivity to it, Pixart began putting PMW3360s in other mice.

And the best sensor, it might be! During testing, there was absolutely no mouse acceleration built in, no movement prediction at all, and no matter how hard I tried, the mouse wouldn’t spin out in any game. Trying a tilt slam test still showed no fault. It really performed in the upper echelon of all mice I’ve ever used.

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Regardless if you think it’s unnecessary, the sensor can be cranked up to an incredible 12,000 DPI. It’s a bit excessive, but it works, and it works well. The sensor never misses a beat and picks up every single movement. Every test passed with no jitter, any sign of angle snapping, or any prediction.

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Surface Calibration

Along with the impressive specs bundled with the M65 Pro RGB, Corsair just thought of everything. Just in case you played on an unconventional surface like an armrest, or an off brand mouse pad, you can always use this to make the mouse take advantage of spaces you often don’t game on.


Corsair M65 Pro RGB review program
The recently updated CUE software is super user friendly.

The Corsair Utility Engine, or CUE software Corsair provides for all their products online, works like a charm. Not only is the software easy to use, but also recently updated in order to help those who were not too pleased with the original software. Corsair listened. The new iteration is now user friendly and intuitive.

With CUE, you can map buttons to virtually anything you’d like. Text, keystroke, shortcuts, DPI, media controls, you name it! And the macro creation section is great. You can really get productive with this mouse.

This is why I like PC. Options. And Corsair keeps delivering them. You have the ability to change the lift off distance of the M65 Pro RGB from CUE. The default is 1000 times a second, but you have the choice to bring the polling rate down on the mouse. You can turn on angle snapping and acceleration if you really want to. The options are all there. It’s up to you which ones you want.

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Corsair M65 Pro RGB review application
Macros, profiles, on-board memory, you name it, the M65’s got it.

Inside the M65 is some on-board storage for profiles. This is great if you want to take your mouse somewhere but don’t want to change the options. The options come with you wherever you take the mouse.

While the buttons up top do a great job of easily switching DPI, you can customize a color for each setting to display on the buttons themselves. You’ll never forget what DPI mode you’re in.

Speaking of DPI, you can map the sniper button’s default use anywhere else on the M65 Pro RGB. If you choose to use it, you won’t regret it. In fact, I think you’ll forget what life was like before you had it. But if you don’t want it, you don’t have to use it.

This mouse is essentially a blank slate which you can customize to your needs.

Final Review


Who is the M65 Pro RGB good for?

At about half the price of some gaming mice which offer poorer features and less customization, the M65 Pro RGB is a mouse for anyone. Maybe not the most professional mouse for some because of its weight, but it’s a real workhorse.

The extreme amount of modularity the mouse provides is bonkers. It lends itself to gaming or productivity. It’s unlike any mouse I’ve ever used or reviewed before.

Corsair M65 Pro RGB review rgb lighting

To me, this is the ultimate gaming mouse. It may not be everyone’s favorite, but if you can’t deny that the amount of features this mouse has is insane. It might be a bit heavy but overall, I gladly give the M65 Pro RGB a perfect score.

So, do you like this mouse? Love this mouse? Or do you just have any questions? Leave a Facebook comment down below and I will help in any way I can!

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