Logitech G203 Prodigy Gaming Mouse Review

Logitech G203 review

Logitech G203 Prodigy Gaming Mouse Review — 9.5/10

Since Logitech announced the G203 Prodigy, the internet seemed to get a little confused. What’s the difference between the G203 and the G Pro? Well that’s what I thought at first as well, before I did my G203 review. And the Internet wasn’t too far off. At it’s core, the G203 is a G Pro. A budget G Pro.


  • About half the price of a G Pro
  • Comfortable familiar shape
  • RGB
  • Great buttons
  • Virtually perfect performance
  • Easily programmable


  • No true left handed version
  • No variable weight

A little history of the G203: a short while back, Logitech released the G102 Prodigy for Eastern markets. Its goal was to be a G Pro with a cheaper sensor, rubber wire, and with a few other corners cut like that. Well here’s the now Logitech is bringing the G102 to Western markets under the name G203(???)

Not sure why they didn’t just go with the G102 name, but alas, now we have this.

Budget Price

Perfect Performance



RGB Lighting

Practically the same, but cheaper


Fairly Expensive

Perfect Performance



RGB Lighting

Fairly Expensive

Perfect Performance



RGB Lighting

Prices as of August 23, 2017

Logitech G203 review shape 2
Fresh out of the box, it’s virtually indistinguishable from the G Pro, minus the new rubber cable.

First Impressions

Resting my hand on the unboxed G203, the familiar feel and texture of many Logitech mice came rushing back into my memory/hand. But switching between the G203 and the G Pro revealed a bit more grip on the G203. It isn’t rubberized or rough, but it seems to be more textured.

I really didn’t expect to start noticing a difference between the two that fast. But right off the bat, the G203 seemed to be pulling ahead of its competition. If even by a little bit. The G203 seems like it gives you a bit more control over the mouse without being sticky. A great start indeed!


Like the G Pro, the G203 body was based on the beloved Logitech G100s. It’s simple, but that’s the beauty of it. There are no crazy angles and corners for your fingers to fumble around. Nope, it cuts to the chase. While the shape itself is amazing, the G203 is small. For someone who’s used to larger mice, this might be a bit hindering, but I doubt many people would care. It’s still shaped with any size in mind. Huge hands aren’t gonna droop off the sides of the mouse.

Speaking of hands, all three grips work with this mouse. Although I actually favor palm grip, I try to get used to the other two in order to help me review mice. And they all work well. Though palm grip has you gripping most of the mouse I noticed, because it’s small.

The arch on the back is comfortable and lets your fingers slope downward towards the buttons. The buttons also have a slight indentation for your fingers to rest in. I love it because it’s subtle. Too many times, you’ll see a gaming mouse with ridiculous crevices and canyons for your fingers to fit in. Just let the gamer hold it the way they want to! Jeez. Control freaks…

Logitech G203 review front view
The body is shaped for precision and comfort.

The G203’s body is fairly short. no matter how you hold it, some part of your hand is bound to touch your mouse pad. I personally like the feeling of some of my fingers touching the desk. Makes me feel like I’m in more control. It’s a personal preference thing I suppose.

Overall, it’s just a gaming mouse. It’s simple, but that’s the beauty of the shape. It’s easy to control and feels familiar all the same.


The G203 isn’t an ergonomic mouse, but it is a comfortable one. In the same vein as the G Pro, it’s built primarily for gaming. So long sessions need to be comfortable. And they are. Logitech clearly set some time aside to make sure that the mouse felt comfortable in the human hand. I’m glad they did. I didn’t feel any stress or stiffness at all while playing with it.

Now, of course that was 1 long session. If you’re gaming for 12 hours every day of the week, this mouse isn’t going to help you out a lot. (To be frank, there are bigger problems afoot if this is the case.)

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Left Handed?

Nope. And the saddest bit; it’s ambidextrous. Just put the back and forward buttons on the other side! Eventually, we might see a decent left handed gaming mouse on the market, but until then, I guess you lefties are out of luck.


Logitech G203 review side view
The sides provide good grip and space for your fingers.

As I said before in my G Pro review, I prefer concave sides on my mice. Just my preference. But these slightly curved sides really blew me away. Even the second time around. Although concave may be a bit easier to lift when gaming, the convex sides really compliment the rest of the mouse. I can’t really imagine the mouse without them.

The both sides are wide open for you to put your fingers anywhere. No accidental clicks with your thumb either. Your thumb won’t go anywhere near the buttons unless you actually want to click them. It’s open, it’s free, and it feels good, man.

The grip on the sides of the G203 is good. In fact, better than the G Pro! I said this a bit earlier, but the texture on the body of the mouse is just a tad bit grippier than the G Pro. It’s not rough or sticky, and I like it. Helps me spin and stop without any delay to stop and reaim.


Where weight is concerned, the G203 continues to meet the standards of professional gaming mice. It’s light. How light? 83 grams light. That’s incredibly light. Just as the G Pro before it, it comes in at 83 grams. The weight is perfectly centered. With that little mass to haul around, you can whip this thing around your mouse pad lightning fast.

Now I personally like heavier mice. I like the feeling of weight behind my movements. But I know that I’m in the minority so I really don’t knock off points for mice being “too light”. That being said, the G203 has an issue I also mentioned with the G Pro. Because it’s so light, it does feel a little hollow. Even though it’s strongly built (which I’m getting to) it seems like it isn’t. This is really not that hard to overlook. In fact, I never really notice unless I’m thinking about it or lifting a lot. But it is something to point out.

Logitech G203 review side buttons
Built like a rock. But much prettier than one.

One thing I really wanted to see with the G203, (and the G Pro for that matter…) was an adjustable weight system. It’s not a need, but it’s something that’s been becoming more and more common. Mice like Corsair’s M65 and even Logitech’s own G403 have adjustable weight systems. I love that kind of customization. But it’s okay. This probably would’ve put the G203 at a 10/10 though.

Build Quality

Ya know, not only do I love this mouse, but I also love the idea of this mouse. Even though the G203 is very much just a G Pro “Lite”, the structure and quality of the mouse itself is all there. Even though there have been some lazy things happening with Logitech lately, this isn’t one of them, and I gotta hand it to them!

Going into moire detail, there is very little rattle or buzz when shaking the mouse and setting it down. There is practically no squeaking or anything when you squeeze it either, They set out to make a great gaming mouse, and they brought it to the table. So yeah I’m not afraid to slam it down on my desk in a heart-racing FPS match.


The feet on the bottom are rated for 250 kilometers of slide. And as expected, the G203 is smooth as butter. Whether you’re using it on a desktop or mouse pad, it’s going to be smooth. And just like its big brother, even though it is smooth, it doesn’t take any extra thought or effort to stop the mouse. It glides until you stop it. It just works. And I mean that.


Logitech G203 review rubber cable
The new rubber cable on the G203 was received incredibly well.

Alright, here’s where the G203 starts to differ from the G Pro. The G203 sports a rubber cable, as opposed to a braided one. Now, some people like braided cables, and some people like rubber cables. I like braided cables. There is no right answer. So I’m not going to let this influence the final score of the mouse.

That being said, there are a lot of people that love this new rubber cable. And I gotta admit. It is great. It’s pretty sturdy for a rubber cable as well. Although the rubber cable is a bit of a sacrifice when it comes to build quality, I think that it suits the mouse just fine!

One of the reasons many people dislike braided cables is that they can introduce drag. Although they are sturdier, they can make moving the mouse a bit less smooth. Well any problems that the G Pro’s cable had are gone with this one. It slips all over the desk without hindering my movement at all. It’s also really flexible. It doesn’t hold a shape like braided cables sometimes do. That helped immensely. There’s not much bad I even can say about this cable. It feels nice to me, and it’s a crowd-pleaser.

Logitech G203 review picture
It’s a thing of beauty.


From the pictures you’ve already seen, the mouse is identical to the G Pro. In fact, some of the official pictures of the mouse on Logitech’s website are of the G Pro! (You can tell by the occasional shot with the braided cable.)

But really it is a beautiful mouse. Nothing really needed to be done. The matte black and smooth body looks modern without being obnoxiously “futuristic”. The gloss is sparse and simply serves as a garnish for the matte finish. I love the way it looks.

RGB Lighting

And just like the G Pro, the 16.8 million color RGB lighting is back. Unlike some other mice, it is very tasteful. It’s not thrown in your face, but it simply illuminates the subtle G logo, and perimeter of the G203’s body.

With Logitech’s Gaming software you can customize the lighting as well. You can set a few colors to alternate, or one single color to “breathe”, or a multitude of other things. It’s a great way to make the mouse match your setup, no matter what scheme you’re going for.

The bummer is that there’s only one section you can light up. Even though there are multiple lit areas, you can only light them one at a time. Oh well.

White Finish

Logitech G203 review white g102
The White G203

UPDATE 8/23/2017: The G203 used to only have one finish. But since I’ve done this review, They’ve released a really pretty white finished version.

The white G203 is identical to the black G203 in performance, but has a matte white finish on the body. But the glossy section between the left and right buttons is still black. I personally like this. It adds a bit of flare to an otherwise basic color swap. (Even though it might’ve been done because of laziness.) Not sure how long Logitech is planning on continuing these, so you might want to keep an eye out for a deal.


Left and Right Click

Just as in the G Pro, the G203 sports great clicks. With the same high quality Omron switches that have come on several of Logitech’s highest range mice, they feel almost identical to the G Pro. And again, they throw words at us like “Advanced Button Tensioning”and we all eat it up. But to be honest, lately, I’ve started to believe the hype in some of Logitech’s marketing. SOME. Only some.

These clicks feel great. They’re fast, but with a satisfying click and bottom out. The travel distance is nice and short as well! Although the G Pro’s buttons were rated at 20 million clicks and the G203 at 10 million. That’s a large drop in quality, but truth be told, I doubt that the mouse would survive to 10 million, let alone 20 million. Something else would probably go wrong before you hit 10 million. That’s a lot of clicks.

Logitech G203 review shape
The buttons are satisfying and fast. No compromises made here.

One thing that intrigued me was that the G203 clicks seemed heavier than the G Pro. If only slightly. I didn’t have much of a problem with accidental clicks with the G Pro, but it happened occasionally. But it practically never happened with the G203. I had read a bit about people complaining about it. So good on Logitech.

One explanation for this though could be that they have changed the G Pro slightly since I got mine. Who knows. Companies sometimes tweak their products slightly if there is outcry from fans. Perhaps the G203 just picked up where the G Pro left off development-wise.

Bottom line, I like these clicks. Even a little more than the G Pro. Yeah boy, I said it.

Scroll Wheel

On to the scroll wheel. The scrolls themselves are nicely accented yet not hard to move at all. And yet they aren’t reckless. You wouldn’t find yourself accidentally hitting an extra scroll when all you wanted was two or three. It hasn’t missed a step on me yet, that I can tell. I liked it It wasn’t revolutionary, but there was nothing wrong with it.

The middle mouse button also was plagued by the same problem with the G Pro though. Way too hard to press. This is a real issue for some. Some people map the middle mouse button to a melee attack in FPS games. If it’s too hard to press, it’s not going to work as the best twitch reaction button. It’s not the best I’ve ever seen, but it can get aggravating. I did notice that it is a little bit easier to press than the G Pro though. This might just be mine or something though. It’s a very slight difference. It’s possible to just get used to it, but it could’ve just been better from the start.

Logitech G203 review top view
Although the middle click is a bit stiff.

DPI Button

The top button, AKA the DPI button, AKA the “sniper button” is a little button behind the scroll wheel. It’s far back enough to where you wouldn’t really hit it while scrolling so there’s no problem there. I will say that the click feels a bit plastic though. Not the most satisfying click. It’s not a huge issue though. It’s not a button people hit all that often.

Side Buttons

I love the G203 side buttons. I praised them on the G Pro as well. In opposition to the toy-ish G403 side buttons, the G203 brings back what was awesome about the Pro’s buttons. They’re brilliantly placed. I never hit them on accident with my thumb. And yet they’re right there when I need them. They click fast and have a very short travel distance. And they never squeak.


The clicks and scrolls and all that are quite loud in comparison with a regular mouse. So if you have a sleeping spouse in the room, terrible roommate, or you just don’t like loud clicks, the G203 might not be for you. But for those of us who do like clicks, they are nice! The audible feedback you get when doing anything opn the G203 is really great.

g pro bottom
The sensor underneath the hood is a worthy replacement for the PMW3366.


So here’s the big difference. Here’s why the G203 is $30 cheaper than the G Pro (MSRP). The sensor isn’t Pixart. Nope, for this mouse, they’ve done away with the “greatest sensor ever“, the PMW3366, and replaced it with a cheaper sensor with a lower DPI.

But I’m here to tell you that the sensor swap was worth it.

The new optical sensor in the G203 has an identical polling rate of 1000 reports per second. Same as the G Pro. But here’s where things get interesting. While the Pro’s DPI can be cranked from 200 to 12,000, the G203 only goes from 200 to 6,000. But to be honest, not many gamers even put it past 4,500. Not much is lost at all here.

There’s no smoothing, predictive movements, acceleration, or built in angle snapping detectable in the G203. The movements you make are translated to the screen basically flawlessly. Its job is to be true to your movements. And it does a great job. I feel like I’m in control of the mouse at all times.

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When playing several games, I didn’t notice any jitter or sensing errors at all. It was smooth as butter. and no amount of tilt slam tests could make the mouse spin out. Heck, even the PMW3310 spins out sometimes! It’s seriously like I was playing with the PMW3366 the whole time.

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So yeah. I really like the sensor. It isn’t a PMW3366, but it has a unique feel about it. It doesn’t feel any more or less accurate, just different. And it’s that bit of variety that keep life spicy! Would I trust it at a professional international eSport competition? Yes I would. (The real question is can I trust myself with that much pressure!)

g pro software
Customize it to your heart’s content!


With the Logitech Gaming software mentioned earlier, you really have free reign to change anything you want with this mouse. You can make macro assignments for certain buttons, map buttons to certain actions, and lots more. Within the software, you can change the DPI setting, assign the values the DPI will change to with the DPI button, and make special profiles for certain programs.

All this is great to see. Especially since other companies have been following suit. A custom program for your peripherals really gives you the freedom to do what you want to with the. The kind of freedom that brought me to PC in the first place.

Actually want angle snapping? You got it chief. Want mouse acceleration? No problem! Gamers usually don’t like using those features, but to see them as an option is really great. While the G203 is obviously gears towards gamers, there is no reason you can’t use it for productivity. This is a huge plus for me.

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And to top it all off, the mouse has memory built in. You can use it to store a profile so you don’t have to mess with settings if you switch computers. This is helpful for someone who goes to a lot of LAN events.

The G Pro had all of this as well, but it’s just great to see it back again. Logitech really brought their A-game.

Final Review


Who is the G203 Prodigy good for?

So yes, I think that the G203 is just slightly better than the G Pro. Objectively, the G Pro is a better mouse. But only by a slim, technical margin. To most human beings like myself, the performance is the same. And the low price really seals the deal. Not only does it serve people on a budget, but it’s also a hardcore gaming mouse, ready to stand the test of time.

Logitech G203 review top view 2

If you’re looking for ABSOLUTELY no compromises, go ahead and check out the G Pro. But if you’re in the market for a cheaper alternative, this is THE mouse to get.

If you have any questions or you just want to yell at me, leave a comment and like us on Facebook!

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RGB Lighting

Practically the same, but cheaper


Fairly Expensive

Perfect Performance



RGB Lighting

Fairly Expensive

Perfect Performance



RGB Lighting

Prices as of August 24, 2017
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