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Mike’s Mice is just a review website.

Our goal here is to help you get informed about the peripherals you need for your PC. Whether it’s mice, or… well just mice right now. More are coming soon. While we like what we do, we are quite critical. You’re going to get no-BS reviews of products here. No free passes for even the biggest of companies. No hype either. Totally factual, unbiased reviews. As a result, it’s fun for us and it’s informative and useful for you.

There’s not much else to it. The website is owned and run by a guy with a passion for computer peripherals. Why? I don’t know. They’re just cool I guess. Who wants to talk about boring stuff like fans, hard drives, and power supplies? You could be talking about peripherals! Mice, keyboards, monitors, all that fun stuff. Anyway, we hope you enjoy the site!


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